Microfibre Coral Fleece Cloth

Coral fleece microfibre has a soft and lush texture which has a higher pile than other microfibre. Microfibre Coral Fleece towels is high pile on both sides so when using the cloth, it easily draws particles away from the surfaces being wiped. Coral fleece is a split microfibre which increases the surface area due to there being more fibres per square centimetre. This style of microfibre is more popular with the auto detailing industry, great for quick detail sprays, and delicate finish work with paint correction and paint protection.

Microfibre Coral Fleece towels are super absorbent, double layer cloths can be made to increase their weights up to 1000 GSM, this is done to increase the overall absorbency. Thick Microfibre Coral Fleece towels such as 1000GSM are great drying your car. The common weight of microfibre coral fleece cloths sold in the Australian market range from 300 GSM up to 480 GSM, this is for regular cloths that are single layered. We also have this in an edgeless option which is 480GSM.