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Microfibre Coral Fleece Cloth

Coral fleece microfibre has a soft and lush texture which has a higher pile than other microfibre. Microfibre Coral Fleece towels is high pile on both sides so when using the cloth, it easily draws particles away from the surfaces being wiped. Coral fleece is a split microfibre which increases the surface area due to […]

Microfibre Glass Cloth

Glass & Window cloths are made from tight weave microfibre fabric with ribbed texture on one side and a corduroy on the other. They are very durable and perform extremely well on glass and mirrors. The ribbing helps remove the toughest residue from all glass surfaces including a the hard to remove auto windscreen. Simply […]

Microfibre Waffle Weave Cloth

Waffle weave microfibre cloth is also a very versatile cloth and is a perfect all rounder for all types of uses. It’s light, super absorbent. It is great for drying and cleaning. Waffle Weave Microfibre Cloth are made from a thick construction, it has a waffle-like weave pattern that is optimized for absorbing water and […]

Cobra Microfibre Towels

Cobra Microfibre Towels are a special type of microfibre towel. One side of the towel is standard terry pile on one side and longer terry pile on the others. The short pile is great for removing polish and waxes and the longer terry pile make the cloths more absorbent, softer, and great for final finishing […]

Microfibre Suede Cloth

The texture of a suede microfibre cloth is similar appearance and feel of suede leather. It is strong, soft and lightweight. Suede microfibre cloths are flat with no pile height. The suede cloth is great for polishing metal surfaces such is stainless steel or any other type of metal. Suede microfibre will leave a perfect […]

Microfibre Pearl Knit Cloth

Microfibre pearl knit cloth has a tighter weave and shorter naps (nap is the raised “fuzzy” surface) than general purpose terry cloth, this feature gives the cloth increased cleansing when scrubbing. When removing polish and wax residue it is important that the nap is short so that the microfibre loops can grip the residue easily […]

Microfibre Terry Cloth

Microfibre terry cloths are the most common style of microfibre cloths that are sold. Terry cloths are the most versatile and effective in almost every application, in particular for polishing and cleaning. Terry cloths are perfect for all purpose cleaning, drying, dusting, whether you are a commercial cleaner or just for use in your home, […]

Microfibre Pile

Pile is a term used to describe the strand length of a microfibre cloth. Microfibre pile is made constructed of thousands & thousands of individual microfibre strands. There are 4 common pile types sold, they are; ultra-low pile, low pile, medium pile and high pile. Ultra Low Pile Ultra low pile virtually is a flat […]

What is GSM?

A quality microfibre cloth can hold up to seven times its weight in liquid. The amount of liquid that a cloth can absorb is determined by the weight of the cloth. There is a second factor to absorbency and that is “absorbency rate” and this is determined by the quality and amount of polyamide used […]

Microfibre Technology Explained

Microfibre technology has no doubt revolutionised the cleaning industry as its innovative structure and multitude of applications has made cleaning more time efficient, economic and environmentally friendly. We explain how Microfibre technology works and how it can be applied to the commercial cleaning industry.